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I hope your inoculations are up to date.

Because I am about to expose you to the fashion epidemic that is running rampant in every European clothing store. Dear God, please don’t let it be contagious.

First off, let’s just get this party started by saying that “everything old becomes new again” because you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything in our stores that doesn’t bring back vivid memories of 1988. I suddenly understand why my mother cringed when I would rock a 70’s-inspired outfit because Lord help me if I had a daughter wearing these…



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It’s about time I started a blog series that highlights all the European trends that I either A) don’t understand or B) completely don’t understand.

We’ll start with a chapter on Fashion.  Oh the stories I could tell…

But for now, just a few pics to ease you into it.

Yes, that would be a fanny pack. And the worst part is that they did nothing for it in the twenty years it sat on the Fashion Faux Pas Shelf (where it still belongs). They look the exact same as when my father wore one in the 80’s!

This polka-dot blue skort, complete with pleating, screams “your early childhood is here to haunt you” and that jean dress? I look at it and think of my mother — it’s the exact type of thing she used to wear while we lived in Hawaii as kids.  Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t one of those moms! I think the trend was totally acceptable for a 20-something mom back then.  I hope…?? I’m sure she’ll weigh in on this one.

In any case, these are just two examples of trends I don’t understand but seem to be fully embraced here in Switzerland. I swear I will get a photo of the all-too-common homie-G thug, jay-walking with his pants hanging around his butt and a fanny pack slung across his chest. For real.  I’d already have photo evidence by now if I wasn’t so worried about him thumping me and stealing my camera.

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