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It’s like a highly contagious rash that you simply can’t avoid. It’s only a matter of time before you come down with it. And once you get it, it spreads quickly…like a weed.

I speak of IKEA.

Now, even while in North America, I was never a big fan of IKEA. I loved the idea of it but always felt short-changed after shopping there. Perhaps I’m a bit jaded by an experience early on in our marriage where we paid $200 to travel to Vancouver IKEA to buy a bedroom set, only to find out they didn’t have the one we wanted in stock. We settled for another, trekked it all the way home, and then realized it had two left-handed pieces for one of the dresser drawers.  We called for the replacement piece and they insisted we send them the wrong piece and they would replace it. So we obliged and a week later not only got the same incorrect piece back…but it was also broken! Seriously. I’ve never liked them since.

Anyway, here in Switzerland, there are not a lot of furniture options. It’s IKEA…or a $10,000 Swiss-made couch. Haven’t heard of many in-betweens. You know the Swiss, they love quality. Tim and I were about to cave and buy the staple pieces we need (uhhh..everything!) from IKEA when our friends recommended a store across the border in Lörrach, Germany called in puncto. We popped over to the quaint little German town for supper, a nice little walk with the boys and checked out the furniture store. Wow, were we impressed! And I think we found some real keepers!

Liam's Favourite Chair -- and only 900 Euros!

L's Favourite Chair -- and only 900 Euros!

Tim and I had a bit of a stand-off on our pick of sofa, though…

This ain't your mamma's formal livingroom!

This ain't your mamma's formal livingroom!

This couch belongs in budoir photography!

Nothing like a little velour for lounging.

Let’s settle it! Which do you prefer?!


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