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That perfect engine of convenience, addiction, child-marketing, and … regional specialty foods?

We’re in Switzerland, but McDonald’s is universal. They are everywhere.

As we walked by a local joint, I noticed a strange advert outside, featuring three “Swiss-style” burgers on sale for a limited time only.

The McFondue, the McRaclette and the McRösti. These are only available in Switzerland, and only for one week at a time (per burger).

We figured that it is our duty to try these local delicacies and report our findings to our family and friends back home in Canada, so here it goes…

First up is the McFondue.

Most of you are probably familiar with fondue – that gooey pot of melting cheese and white wine – into which you dip vegetables and eat until your heart explodes.

Now imagine that… on a McDonald’s hamburger! Awesome, right?

Here’s the facts:


Big Mac* McFondue
Calories (kcal) 495 760
Energy (kj) 2071 3180
Protein (g) 27 39
Carbs (g) 40 54
Fat (g) 25 43
Price (CHF) 6.50 7.90

*for comparison purposes only

Well, just from a nutritional point of view, the McFondue is clearly the chief burger.

So on to the ratings…


Tim: This is a classic, greasy burger on a ciabatta bun. Greasy. I like a little oozey cheese coming out the sides, but showing too much makes you look easy.

Tasha: At first impression, this bun had seen better days. If I wanted to save fifty cents on a day-old bun, I’d be at the bakery, not McDonald’s.


Tim: I enjoy the pungent tang of Emmental (aka “Swiss”) cheese, but this was a bit too much for my senses.

Tasha: The “pungent tang” that Tim so lovingly spoke of is better described as sheer stank. The only worse “aroma” would be this thing coming back up.


Tim: I like ciabatta. I like beef. I like lotsa cheese. So why didn’t I love this burger? Mysteries of the Universe!

Tasha: Sorry, flavour? There was a flavour??


Tim: Oozing cheese is one thing, but when it is squished out the sides of a ciabatta bun that is so greasy that you can hear the grease oozing from the bun… that’s too much. Still, there is the fun factor…

Tasha: One bite was all I could muster down and even that was a challenge. I think this burger nearly pushed me over the brink into complete vegetarianism.  Nearly.

Overall, this burger comes out as … just gross.





Tasha: This is one of those times you wish you had more thumbs…




















Up next… McRösti!


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