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There are certain things that we absolutely love about Europe and other things we could do without.  But not a day goes by without some sort of culture shock moment where you realize how extremely far you really are from “home”.  I find myself shaking my head a lot here — sometimes I’m shaking it in wonder, other times in disbelief.

Last night Tim had a group of friends over and this morning, as we cleaned up the kitchen, I washed out the massive 2L drink bottles the boys left behind. It made me think about the popular drinks here in Switzerland.  Considering the über-healthy eating habits of the locals, it’s surprising to realize that their go-to beverage choices are all absolute garbage…and this, coming from the North American (who eats four single-serving portions in every meal and coats everything in refined sugar, didn’t you know?!).

If you walk into a Swiss grocery store, you’ll notice that they have 1/10th of the selection we have in NA and not nearly as much processed crap.  But their beverage sections are just as large as ours — turns out they have plenty of guilty pleasures in liquid form.

The only department that might actually have a larger selection than us would be their chocolate aisle…and well, that makes perfect sense. And believe me, the top-of-the-line chocolate in a North American store is equivalent to the no-name budget garbage they sell here. Yeah, I’m bragging.

The "Swiss Chocolate Aisle" in a local grocery store.

Anyway, back to beverages.  Many of you have said that you enjoy hearing about the day-to-day life of the Swiss culture. So for this post, I will showcase the Top Five Swiss Beverages.



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While growing up, my mother would occasionally suffer from migraines if she didn’t get her coffee.  I remember seeing this and thinking to myself, “Wow, what a stupid habit to get into. Why would anyone want to intentionally consume something that hurts you? I’m never going to drink coffee!”

And then Tim happened.

Our first date ended with a visit to Starbucks for coffee and I ordered a hot chocolate. Flash forward ten years and I can’t get through the day without a hit and I frequently find myself thinking about when it will be “okay” for my next one.

Nothing fuels an addiction like great accessories.  It’s like an alcoholic who finds their old college beer hat.  Not a good scene.

Introducing, the Nespresso Jura. I’m telling you, the best cup of joe you’ve ever had is waiting for you in my kitchen. And I don’t even have to work for it.

Yes, addiction paired with accessibility. Probably not the best idea.


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