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Martin and I have been taking turns cooking lately. Anne works late quite often, so she’s not really part of the mix. The other night, he made up a Balti chicken curry that was so hot, my eyeballs were sweating. It was awesome!

Yesterday, he asked me to pick up a couple of steaks so that we could do up a bbq. I hopped on my bicycle and headed down to the “Co-op” (the ubiquitous small grocery shoppe) and dutifully found the rather small “meat” section. I had to check the prices on the steak packages several times, because I thought that I was briefly overcome with mad-cow disease.

Om nom nom

Om nom nom

I mean… for real? 14,15 CHF (that’s Swiss Francs, btw, which is about 1:1 with the Canadian dollar) for a striploin steak? The price is 62,- per kilogram!

What are they feeding these cows?

Are the Swiss cows grazed on some sort of rarified pasture in the alps?


But I bought three of them anyways… and this had better be the best damned steak that has ever crossed the threshold of my discerning lips!

In other foody adventures, we stopped at a Subway in Germany last week while picking up groceries (the food is much more affordable over there… maybe the cows are only fed “common” grains?).

I noticed that the rack of “crisps” (that is, “chips” to North Americans) included one bright pink bag called “Prawn Cocktail”.

After my initial horror passed, I knew that I must have them.





Adventures in Nerdiness

OK, so most of you know that I love playing Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve done so since I was a teenager. Many of my best friends are guys I met through regular gaming sessions. So when I heard about a group of new ex-pats in Basel starting up a gaming night, I jumped at the opportunity.

If you have no idea what a gaming session of Dungeons & Dragons looks like, check out this “example play” video:

First session was last night, and I gotta admit, there are few things more awkward than a random group of strangers playing D&D. Oh yeah… it could be more awkward! Imagine if one is a young(ish) Canadian guy, and the rest of them include a big, boisterous woman from Peru, her docile Dutch husband, an American woman (“stay away from me!”), and a Briton.

Neither of the women had played before. Ever. And I snort-laughed every time that thick Spanish accent said, “Aye caste, Mageeke Meesel”. <snort!>


I couldn’t down my Heinekens fast enough to dull the pain. Eventually it became kinda fun, though. We’ll see what happens.


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