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An Apple a Day…

We weren’t looking for this. It just…happened.

But isn’t that how the best things in life usually go?

And so tonight we celebrated Tim’s new job.

The over-sized lettering would be Liam's handiwork!

As of September 7, 2010,  my very talented husband will be working for Apple in California and our family will relocate to the Silicon Valley. We will end our adventures here in Europe a few years earlier than expected but in a lot of ways, it feels as if we accomplished just what we were suppose to.

This is the smile of one very happy boy...to him, California is nothing but Lightening McQueen, the home of Mickey Mouse, and "one plane ride from Gramma & Peapa"!

Proudly wearing our Apple swag that Daddy brought back for us from his interviews at Apple HQ!

Tim will post more details soon!


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