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jack smiles for pirate party invitations

"Aging" our pirate birthday party invitations!

Jack and Liam had to make their birthday party list. They gave me a yes, no and maybe as I called out each of their classmates names.

Jack: wanted to invite EVERYONE. Especially the girls.

Liam: “no. no. no. no. no.” and then just when I was about to get worried that he’d have no one to invite, he said yes to a few names. Very selective of who was invited. Picked all boys.

I’m telling you, the list of differences I started in their “memories book” is soon becoming an entire chapter of it’s own. These boys are total opposites!

I then went through Jack’s list with him again to pare it down (I can’t have 45 kids at this party, sorry!) and when I got to the last name, I saw him stall a bit before saying, “okay, yes”.

After seeing him be more selective the second time around (knowing that he could only have 20 friends there), I asked him what made him say yes for this little boy. I knew something was going on in that little mind of his.

“Well…he’s always a bit sad and I think he’ll be really happy at my birthday party so he should come.”

And then came the momma tears.


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Per Annum

We just passed the one-year mark of life in America.

To be honest, it’s a mixed-bag.

Working for Apple – very cool.
Working in Information Systems & Technology dept. – very lame.
Plenty of sunshine – awesome.
Having a car – fun.
Driving everywhere – depressing.
Cheap consumer goods – helpful/frightening.
Violent crime in neighbourhood – alarming.
Proximity to extended family – blessing.
Surrounded by English language – useful/dull.
“Wild” wilderness – amazing.
Bankrupted state/federal governments – frustrating

It’s very difficult not to compare it to both our life in Canada and our (brief) time in Switzerland. There was much that we loved in Europe, but there are aspects to California that also inspire and excite us.

But does that outweigh the negatives?

Time will tell.

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