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We were recently invited to a friend’s house for a traditional Swiss Raclette dinner. Although I had never heard of such a thing before moving here, I can honestly say that I will be promptly buying my own Raclette machine. Yes, a machine. Just like the traditional fondue has its own appliance, so does Raclette. In fact, most every traditional Swiss dish I can think of has its own appliance of some sort.

Of course, there’s Fondue and the Fondue Pot:

No fancy dipping accompaniments with the traditional Swiss Fondue...just chunks of white bread...and cheese.

In NA, we love our chocolate fondues, but in Switzerland, it's always about the cheese...and more cheese...and well, more cheese.

Spätzli (pronounced “sh-paht-zlee”) and the Spätzli Pan:

Spätzli (also known in other countries as Spätzle, Spaetzli, Spaetzle) is an egg noodle typically prepared like pasta.

You put the batter on the pan and then using the scraper, work it back and forth so the dough shoves through the holes in the pan and drops into the hot oil below.

Even Swiss Tupperware has its own Spätzli device!

Rösti (pronounced “rah-shtee”) can be easily made in a typical frying pan but it’s common to have a Rösti double-pan for easy flipping (yet to see that in action):

Rösti is just shredded potatoes. But instead of having them for breakfast (like we would have hashbrowns), this is a *dinner* side dish.

Using a double-sided pan (also known as a frittata pan) allows you to cook both sides of the Rösti without having to flip the potatoes onto a plate and then back into the pan.

And the glorious, oh-so-yummy and guilt-inducing Raclette Grill:

It's sort of like fondue in the sense that it's melted cheese, but it's not as pungent as fondue cheese...and once it's melted, you scrape it on top of all your grilled veggies.

During winter festivals, street vendors sell Raclette just like this...scraped right off a big block of it. To. Die. For. Literally, this stuff has gotta be bad for your arteries.

And now for some (iPhone) photos of our own Raclette experience with Rahel and Jonas, our lovely Swiss friends!

Warming up the grill! The little handles are individual grill plates for your own piece of cheese. You keep your own just like you would keep your own fondue stick.

Mmmmmm....bubbling cheese...

I love Liam's face in this one...he's not so sure about this scraped cheese thing...

Starchy potatoes slathered in fatty cheese...somehow, in a European diet, it's all good.

This morning, we had these same friends over for a “Canadian breakfast”…whatever that is!  Because they are vegetarians, we were fairly limited (bacon, sausage, ham…you know, the Canadian staples) so instead, I came up with french toast drenched in maple syrup, cinnamon buns, fresh fruit and hashbrowns.  The hashbrowns died an unfortunate death so we ended up having a breakfast that consisted entirely of bread, sugar and icing…with a little bit of pineapple in there somewhere.

My favourite "Clone of a Cinnabon" recipe. Our Swiss friends have never had cream cheese icing and of course, brown sugar is NOT available here...anywhere. So these were a very foreign treat!


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