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The Fathers

Today we celebrate the fathers who have graced our lives and I can’t help but think of how blessed I am.

Playing Hockey with Coach Dad

For starters, my husband Tim. You continually inspire me to be a better mother. I think that pretty much tops the list of awesome father traits. We’re more of a team now than ever before.  The boys look forward with great anticipation to every weekend (when “daddy doesn’t have to go to work”!) so they can fill their days with rough-housing, boardgames, outdoor adventures (typically involving bugs or other non-mommy creepy crawlies) and all the other “fun” you bring into their lives. You know how to be soft and express emotion that speaks to their very heart. You take the time to rub their heads when they’re scared at night and you always whisper how great they are as they drift off to sleep. Secure in your love, they rest knowing that you believe they can do anything. I can’t wait to see how this crazy family unfolds. To one day take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy our children’s children. And yet, I’m having fun with you in the here and now.  I love being a family with you.

...even when you put pretzels up your nose and eat them...

And my own father. How incredibly blessed I am to have you in my life.  I knew it would be hard to leave mom but I was surprised at the spring of tears that nearly burst open when I hugged you in the airport that day.  I didn’t want to let go. (more…)


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