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There are two main grocers in Basel — Migros and Coop.  Unlike most grocers I’m used to at home, these companies’ corporate umbrella’s reach much further than fresh veggies and household cleaners.  Not only do they both have locations that we would consider to be department stores, but their subsidiaries include electronics retailers, mobile phone plans, travel agencies, gas stations, home energy analysis services, and the list goes on and on.

Without a car to carry home our mounds of groceries, I occasionally order online for home delivery. As I was preparing my order today, I explored some of the non-food categories to see what else they sell.  To my surprise, I discovered that you can have everything – your favorite shade of blush, and your favourite (…mom, plug your ears…) “love toys” delivered with your groceries! Oh dear! Can you imagine?! The delivery boys would be dying to see who ordered the Vibrating Ring with their broccoli. Or maybe that’s just totally normal here.

So, when I say that the local grocery store sells lacy underwear, it’s not as absurd as you may be thinking.  And when we say it’s expensive here, we’re not kidding. I couldn’t help but take this snapshot as evidence of both facts:

As seen on the Migros home delivery site, http://www.LeShop.ch

That’s right, $115 pair of underwear.

For. One. Pair.

Welcome to Switzerland. Even our underwear is better than yours.


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While growing up, my mother would occasionally suffer from migraines if she didn’t get her coffee.  I remember seeing this and thinking to myself, “Wow, what a stupid habit to get into. Why would anyone want to intentionally consume something that hurts you? I’m never going to drink coffee!”

And then Tim happened.

Our first date ended with a visit to Starbucks for coffee and I ordered a hot chocolate. Flash forward ten years and I can’t get through the day without a hit and I frequently find myself thinking about when it will be “okay” for my next one.

Nothing fuels an addiction like great accessories.  It’s like an alcoholic who finds their old college beer hat.  Not a good scene.

Introducing, the Nespresso Jura. I’m telling you, the best cup of joe you’ve ever had is waiting for you in my kitchen. And I don’t even have to work for it.

Yes, addiction paired with accessibility. Probably not the best idea.


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