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The first time Jack went down this hill (before Tim and I even knew what was happening!), Liam blindly followed. At the bottom, Jack celebrated with hoops and hollers of “THAT WAS AWESOME!!”, as if a whole new world of awesomeness has been opened up to him.

Liam, on the other hand, bailed on the nearby grass and was thankful to still be alive. There would be no repeat performances for him!

Of course Jack decided he would do it over and over again — until mommy freaked out and said enough! I’m pretty sure all the other parents in the park were giving us the evil eye as they watched us let our son do something pretty dangerous (the hill was steep, scattered with loose tree branches, and he’s on a flimsy little scooter that is not meant to go so fast!). But hey, gotta let boys be boys.


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