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Way back in November, we stumbled upon a strange gem… local Swiss McDonald’s restaurants were offering a trio of “Swiss”-style burgers for a limited time. We reviewed the McFondue, but we missed the others.

So imagine my glee when I spotted a billboard sign last week that hailed the McTicino* burger!
*Ticino is in the south-eastern quarter of Switzerland, an area that speaks (and lives) Italian. Don’t mistake them, though… they are still Swiss.

A quick look at McDonalds.ch website announces the “Schweizer Wuche” – “Swiss Grown” menu. Despite living alongside a four-week experiment on McDonald’s burger mould growth, I knew that I must have these burgers.

May I present to you… the McTicino! An all-beef patty on tasty Italian bun, oozing with big chunks of mozzarella and ripe cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and fresh basil.

Nährwert (nutritional values)
Energiewert (kcal) 695
Energiewert (kj) 2908
Eiweiss (g) 36
Kohlenhydrate (g) 52
Salz (g) 2.1
Fett (g) 38
Preis 7.90 (yikes! Swiss prices!)

We watched the online adverts for the McTicino (the only one that was still available), and I made a plan to review it. In true Swiss form, the commercials are available in German, French and Italian. “Ich liebe es?”

So I roped my buddies, Joel & Martin into trying it. Yeah… I really had to twist their arms for it.

Summary? I would totally eat this burger again.


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