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jack smiles for pirate party invitations

"Aging" our pirate birthday party invitations!

Jack and Liam had to make their birthday party list. They gave me a yes, no and maybe as I called out each of their classmates names.

Jack: wanted to invite EVERYONE. Especially the girls.

Liam: “no. no. no. no. no.” and then just when I was about to get worried that he’d have no one to invite, he said yes to a few names. Very selective of who was invited. Picked all boys.

I’m telling you, the list of differences I started in their “memories book” is soon becoming an entire chapter of it’s own. These boys are total opposites!

I then went through Jack’s list with him again to pare it down (I can’t have 45 kids at this party, sorry!) and when I got to the last name, I saw him stall a bit before saying, “okay, yes”.

After seeing him be more selective the second time around (knowing that he could only have 20 friends there), I asked him what made him say yes for this little boy. I knew something was going on in that little mind of his.

“Well…he’s always a bit sad and I think he’ll be really happy at my birthday party so he should come.”

And then came the momma tears.


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